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一、Student enrollment
1、Study abroad director Natalie Hanson explained, “Unfortunately, student enrollment in the program this year has been very low. There just aren’t enough students to justify using the resources and funding to run the program.”
2、that students who have been accepted into the Peru program will have the option to participate in one of the university’s other Spanish-language study abroad programs this summer, allowing these students to still benefit from studying abroad and strengthening their language skills.
3、If they just made the requirements less strict they be able to recruit enough people to save the trip.
4、It’s had to have really high grades and three recommendation letters from professors, which I don’t really think is necessary.
5、I bet they could get enough people to sign up make sense.
6、Yeah, I’ve always been really interested in the culture there its history like of the Inca in particular and I’ve always wanted to visit Machu Picchu and see the ruins and I wouldn’t be able to do that in Spain or Mexico.
二、Landmarking behavior
1、However, researchers have observed that sometimes certain species of animals leave their local habitat and engage in landmarking behavior.
2、Landmarking behavior is most common when the population density of a species is low and there are fewer potential mates in the immediate local area.
3、why they fly to these high places and leave the calmer protected areas where they normally like to live the scientists thought it might have something to, To do with the butterflies reproduction.
4、So that each butterfly was far away from the others and there weren’t any male and female butterflies close to each other and these butterflies acted differently.
5、when the scientists followed them to their landing spot on the hill, well, they discovered male and female pairs.
三、Fly for free
1、I helped one of my professors with some research and he invited me in the other students who helped to attend.
2、the biology departments paying for the conference fee the cost to attend but they’re not covering travel expenses.
3、Actually my uncle works for an airline and he told me he could get me tickets to Fly for Free.
4、But if the first flight gets delayed at all, I might miss the connecting flight to Chicago and have to take a later one, which means I could end up missing some more.
四、Specific resources
1、Businesses that produce goods and services all depend upon specific resources to build and maintain their business.
2、Intensive this means simply that the kind of resource that the development of this business needs in order to get up and running is money companies that require large amounts of expensive equipment or raw materials.
3、Starting a new automobile company for example would be extremely difficult since it would cost millions of dollars to purchase the machines and materials needed to begin producing cars.
4、Labor intensive companies require far less capital investment up front and rely mainly on the skills of the workers.


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