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一、literature majors
1、Students pursuing a literature degree are required to complete a course called Contemporary Literature, which covers a selection of notable books written in recent decades.
2、Also, literature majors have more degree requirements than students in most other majors, and some students have had to stay an extra semester to complete everything.
3、But when they read for pleasure They Don’t Really analyze what the reading or necessarily think critically about it.
4、but in a class we have to read stuff carefully and you know prepare for class discussions and write papers and all we end up not just reading the book but also articles about it.
5、I think that kind of thing is pretty rare actually, although I imagine there are some special cases like maybe for people who decide to do two majors or who switch over to literature from a different major.
6、It could be tough to fit everything in in those cases, but I don’t think that’s very common really in general what they ask of us is fair and totally manageable.
二、Particular place or area
1、As people become familiar with a particular place or area, they start to form a mental image or map of the area and where things are located in it.
2、Because it is based on one particular person’s lifestyle, it will likely contain the places that he or she happens to visit frequently and considers important.
3、We live in the same area of town and we both lived in this city for a few years now so we know our way around pretty well.
4、We looked online and he pointed to where the gym was on the map on the computer screen.
5、I had never even noticed the school and as a professor I need, Need to do a lot of writing and I like to work on my writing at the library.
6、So I go to the library downtown at least twice a week whereas Tom doesn’t do any work at the library at all, so he hasn’t been there.
三、Scratch on a brand new project
1、We turn in a report to our professor for a grade at the end of the semester but also the companies use our work.
2、They sell handbags purses, you know, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for advertising and promoting these purses but well, I need some information and well the owner of the company agreed to meet with me at least once a week.
3、I know so I talk to my professor and he offered to talk to the owner himself and remind her that she agreed to do these meetings when she signed up for the program.
4、That’s true and my professor also said it’s not too late to switch and work With another company instead if I want he said most companies are usually easy to work with and this is sort of an unusual case.
5、Yeah. I’d have to start from scratch on a brand new project and I’ve already invested a few weeks in this one, so I’m not sure but I’ll have to decide soon.
1、Animals display some complex behaviors that are often thought of as automatic or instinctive rather than behaviors that they learn through experience for a long time.
2、However, Recent research has shown that nest-building might not simply be a natural instinctive Behavior because, those birds do seem to actively learn and improve their nest building skills through experience.
3、So that each Nest is better constructed than the last if nest-building Behavior were only instinctive scientists would expect to find that individual birds always designed their nests in the same way without him.
4、scientists also realize that, birds seem to collect more Effectiveness building materials over time.
5、as they gather bits of string twigs and grass to build their nests with birds learn through practice and repetition to recognize and gather only the most effective of these materials.


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