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一、Produce program
1、For the past ten years, students in the media department have produced a weekly news program that appears on the university television channel.
2、”This program has been a great resource for many years,” said the director of the media department. “But if not enough students are watching it, it’s time to move on.”
3、The director also mentioned that most media students are more interested in working with online technologies, such as producing content for Web sites and mobile phones.
4、like we could report on interesting Events off campus or like review local restaurants. There are a few new cafes that have opened up right off campus.
5、We want later on so really right the newer types of media are pretty easy to learn on your own anyone could learn how to make an audio recording but what we do now takes a lot of special training and experience I bet, Bet there’s probably a lot of equipment involved.
二 、Make a decision
1、Sometimes, people need to decide whether to act in support of a particular social or political cause and may feel uncertain at first.
2、However, psychologists have found that once people make a decision, they tend to make similar decisions about that same issue in the future.
3、Because people have a desire to remain consistent in their beliefs and behavior, a small initial decision can eventually lead to a much larger commitment.
4、Now I definitely didn’t anticipate getting so deeply involved when I first signed the petition, but since I’d agreed to support the group in the past I ended up saying okay and that weekend.
三、A new apartment
1、I’ve been wanting to work there a while and I started last week things have been busy though since I just moved to a new apartment and it’s been really expensive well, but with your new job, I know you think money wouldn’t be a problem but it turns out that I have to wait a whole month for my first paycheck.
2、I’ve been doing all of my assignments sitting on my bed so far, but it’s starting to hurt my back and pretty soon.
3、It would be too bad if I waited and it got sold., I mean I could find another desk but this one’s exactly what I’m looking for.
4、I just wouldn’t have enough for anything extra during the next few weeks.
四、vertical farming
1、We often think of most Farms as being far from urban areas out in the countryside and spread out over fields, but there’s a relatively new technique called vertical farming which is typically done in cities often using tall buildings that have in a sense been converted into Farms.
2、They’re grown in containers on each floor, and these containers are stacked one on top of another making, Sort of these Columns of containers that go from floor to ceiling filled with plants.
3、So one reason is that vertical farming can give people in urban areas more immediate access to Fresh Produce traditionally food needs to be transported over long distances from, Arms to reach people in cities but since vertical farming can be done in cities the food is grown closer to where people live and so people have access to fresh food right away.
4、Has resources which might otherwise be wasted in traditional farming like water when Farmers water their fields some of it just runs off into the ground, but with vertical farming the growing environment is highly controlled.
5、So for example, having plants in containers, like I mentioned excess water can run out from the containers and into a system of pipes so that, It can be collected and stored and then reused.


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